Root Canals: Causes, Prevention & Treatment Redwood City, CA

Root Canals: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

You’ve likely heard of how painful and tedious a root canal can be, but you might not know just what they are. Dr. Morad is committed to not only taking great care of patients, but educating them as well on how to take the best care of their smiles. Here, we’d like to tell you more about the causes, treatment for, and the consequences of neglecting root canals.


As for the reasons patients need a root canal, they consist of:

  • Bad crown
  • Intense tooth decay
  • Chipping or cracking of the tooth
  • Dental procedures done multiple times on the same tooth
  • Injury to the tooth

If you experience tooth pain due to any of the above triggers, you might need to seek out treatment.


Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid needing a procedure in the first place. For instance, visiting us here at our dental offices for regular checkups most certainly goes a long way. You should also do your best to stick to a healthy diet, and use fluoride to take care of your teeth. Finally, proper oral care keeps your teeth healthy as well.


In regards to treating root canals, the problematic tooth and area will be numbed before Dr. Morad before removing part of the tooth to extract the infected pulp. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned out before the canal is filled up with a permanent substance called gutta-percha. Once that’s done, the opening is sealed with filling and a new crown is positioned on the reconstructed tooth.

By neglecting to get needed treatment, you’re likely to remain in pain, and that agony could worsen as time goes on. Additionally, there’s a chance you’ll lose the infected tooth if it’s not taken care of ASAP.

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