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Preventative Care for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

We know that seeing the dentist can cause anxiety for some. We also know that starting a child’s dental care early on can help prevent these negative associations and create a positive and lasting impression. Guiding a patient’s dental experience from an early age in a comfortable, friendly and fun environment has shown to improve their oral and overall health as they grow and become adults. It’s our belief that if they enjoy their pediatric dentistry visits, they’re more likely to return for regular appointments and are even more likely to use proper hygiene routines at home. In-office preventative care and regular visits can also help avoid unnecessary, and at times uncomfortable, dental work later on. Dr. Ghina Morad and our entire team bring a gentle, fun, and hands-on approach to children’s dentistry in the hope that we inspire a healthy lifestyle in their future.

Making Pediatric Dentistry Fun

We think dentistry, especially for little ones, should be fun. That’s why we offer a variety of games and activities for your child to use at our Redwood City, CA office in order to make them feel comfortable before and during their treatment.

  • Mini iPads with games and movies
  • Video glasses to watch movies during their treatment
  • Educational videos to understand the importance of their visit

Your Child’s First Visit

Pediatric Dentistry Redwood City, CA

We offer and recommend pediatric dentistry to children from age one and above. No matter when they come in, however, we tailor each visit to your child’s age group as well as their unique personality. The initial pediatric dentistry visit’s goal is to familiarize them with the procedures and make sure they feel comfortable with our friendly staff. We make the experience interactive by letting them touch the tools we use and hold a mirror to “help.” In some cases, educational videos help them feel more comfortable with the treatment they’re about to receive and other times, a distracting game or video is all they need to feel at ease. Whatever your child needs, we’re here to help them receive the exceptional preventative care they need for lasting, healthy smiles.

The Importance of Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children receive their first dental visit by age one. Regular pediatric dentistry visits help us catch possible health concerns before they progress and can even avoid future dental treatments such as orthodontics, root canals and gum disease treatment. Preventative care such as sealants and Arrest™ treatment can block bacteria and prevent harmful cavities. But seeing the dentist isn’t just for the child, it’s also for the parent. We know that staying up to date on the best way to take care of your child’s health can be hard. From mouthguards when they start playing sports to the proper way to floss, we’re here to be your guide.

Pediatric Dentistry Redwood City, CA
Pediatric Dentistry Redwood City, CA

A Family-Focused Dentist with Minimally Invasive Care

Dedicated to treating the whole family, our team welcomes patients of all ages at our Redwood, CA practice. We also encourage parents to bring in children during their own visits to feel more comfortable in a dental office. Dr. Morad comes from a family of physicians who instilled in her an appreciation for proper health at an early age. As a result, she is passionate about doing the same for each pediatric patient she sees. Using modern technology such as our intraoral scanner and gentle dental laser, our team offers comfortable and minimally invasive pediatric dentistry you can trust.

Pediatric dentistry should be fun! Trust our team to provide the comfortable and lasting care your child needs.

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