How to get Your Teeth on the Straight and Narrow Redwood City, CA

How to get Your Teeth on the Straight and Narrow


Are you curious about orthodontic procedures? Have you always wanted to get your teeth straightened and finally have a smile that makes you feel confident? If you have overcrowding, missing teeth, a misaligned bite, or anything else, Ghina Morad, DMD has a plan for you. They offer several orthodontic procedures that they can customize specifically for you and your lifestyle.

At Ghina Morad, DMD we offer several options to get your teeth straightened. INVISALIGN® are clear aligners, which contain no wires and brackets. They will naturally shift your teeth and are very comfortable to wear. They are also a popular choice because you can remove and insert them at your own convenience. They are also almost completely invisible, which is why they are an extremely popular option. We’ll obtain visuals of your mouth and will order a pair that is right for you.

Traditional Braces are another great option we offer. Although traditional braces are an option for children, some may not be able to wear them immediately. Some children may have a mouth that is not able to support all their teeth. In this case, we may recommend the child uses Expanders. Expanders will create more space in the child’s mouth by expanding the jaw. This process ensures that enough expansion has taken place, and then can move onto getting their teeth straightened by a method that is right for them.

Once you have gone through the process of getting your teeth straightened, it is important to make sure that you keep them that way. Your teeth will shift if you don’t properly follow aftercare procedures or other instructions are not done correctly.

Contact our offices to learn more about the other orthodontic options we offer to make sure your teeth and smile are as straight as possible. We are located in , we would be more than happy to help you schedule an appointment with Dr. Morad.