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Unique, Technology-Based Orthodontic Treatment

Conventional wire braces are an effective orthodontic treatment option and have been successfully correcting misaligned teeth for years. Traditionally, orthodontics was a generic and standard process, sometimes involving hospital-based corrective surgeries. Today, thanks to advancements in orthodontic care, problems can be predicted early on, braces can be customized to each patient, and corrective treatment is much less invasive. Dr. Ghina Morad’s passion for orthodontics led to her train and become certified in the latest technology, and offers many different orthodontic planning and treatment options unique to our practice.

Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA

“With the new technology in orthodontics we can fix problems that were once impossible to fix without very big compromised surgeries at the hospital.”
Ghina Morad, DMD

Facial Harmony Orthodontics

Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA
Dr. Morad on Orthodontic Treatments

We take your entire face—including the jaw bones, muscles, and teeth—into consideration when predicting and finalizing treatment to create a fully functional and aesthetic smile. We offer skeletal anchorage orthodontic treatment to correct a “gummy” smile or “long” upper jaw bone utilizing mini pins that can pull the jaw up and make the extra bone naturally “shrinks”. We also work on the bones of the face. So, for under developed faces and cheek bones, typically seen with underbites, we can now help grow the upper jaw and the cheek bones and develop the middle section of the face giving our patients more harmonious beautiful faces. For our patients who have narrow upper jaw due to sucking their thumbs as young kids we can widen the bones of the upper jaw giving the tongue much more room which, in turn, increases the size of the airway and provides for better breathing.
Facial Harmony Orthodontics:

  • Eliminates over- and underbite
  • Develops cheek bones
  • Improves facial profile
  • Eliminates a gummy smile
  • Corrects a “long” face
  • Widens airways in the throat

Computer Designed Braces

Computer Designed Braces
Most traditional braces are manufactured to fit all teeth, no matter the type of movement or force they require to straighten perfectly. We understand that each smile is unique and requires customized orthodontic treatment. We use advanced software to tailor a precise treatment plan that not only fits your unique smile, but your individual teeth as well. Based on the movement needs of each of your teeth, we will design a custom bracket specifically for every tooth to ensure optimal movement during treatment.

Orthodontic Planning Software
We utilize tools and software to diagnose problems in the jaw bone early on in young patients. This allows us to project the bone growth, including addressing any problems early on, to help guide the facial growth and development in preparation for orthodontic treatment later on.

Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA
Dr. Morad on Orthodontic Technology

Correcting Teeth with Time-Tested Methods

Traditional braces have been around for centuries, but have been evolving continuously, and today are a comfortable and cost-effective way to fix teeth. Brackets are bonded to the surface of each tooth to support a wire that is tightened to apply pressure. The constant pressure gently moves the teeth to an ideal position, correcting anything from overbites to rotated, spaced, or overlapped teeth. We offer both metal and porcelain braces and 17 different shapes of wires depending on your orthodontic needs. Metal braces are highly durable, cost-effective, and ideal for patients who have a more severe malocclusion. Porcelain braces are a more discreet option for correcting teeth that are either clear or tooth-colored.

The Orthodontic Treatment Process

  • Initial Consultation

    We will complete a comprehensive exam, including collecting all relevant information about your current structure of your teeth and jaw.

  • Position Analysis

    Using advanced software, we will predict the final position of the teeth and take all potential treatment problems into consideration.

  • Treatment Planning

    We will map out a customized treatment plan based on the analysis and inform you of all steps and possible complications during treatment.

  • Bracket Design

    We will individually design and customize each bracket for each tooth based on its current position for ideal movement during treatment.

  • Actual Treatment

    Once the brackets have been cut, we will begin treatment, being sure to monitor all progress and resolve any issues along the way.

Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA

Correcting Teeth with Time-Tested Methods

Outside of general dentistry, Dr. Morad’s passion lies in orthodontics. This passion has led her to complete extensive education and training outside the normal requirement in her field. She continuously attends progressive orthodontic seminars and was recently chosen to be featured on the cover of the orthodontic school journal as she is the example of an avid learner and a frequent attendee of their seminars. Along with her vast knowledge of orthodontics, she uses advanced technology and software to develop highly accurate and effective treatment plans individualized to each patient.

The Proof is in Our Patients

Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA
Danielle's Orthodontic Experience
Traditional Braces Redwood City, CA
Elizabeth's Orthodontic Experience

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