Why Do People Like Sedation Dentistry? Redwood City, CA

Why Do People Like Sedation Dentistry?

Why Do People Like Sedation Dentistry?

Take a random poll on the streets asking average people what they think of when they hear the term “sedation dentistry,” and the most likely response will be: being put under to sleep while the dentist works. But sedation dentistry is much more than being put under.

For many people, it takes the discomfort out of going to the dentist’s office – that discomfort may be anxiety, restlessness, fear of pain or it may be physical pain itself. Find out why so many people go this route and learn where you’ll have the option of sedation dentistry in San Carlos CA.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

As popular belief has it, sedation dentistry is being put under for oral surgery. In truth, sedation dentistry spans more than being put under for a dental procedure. Sedation dentistry spans everything from a small dose of a sedative to alleviate stress and anxiety to taking a peaceful, dreamless nap while your dentist operates without the worry of you twitching or jerking.

In general, there are four levels of sedation in this sector of dentistry:

  • Minimal sedation – This level of sedation is meant to lower or eliminate anxiety. The patient is still relatively alert and responsive.
  • Moderate sedation – This is a stronger dose of a sedative in which the patient is still responsive, yet less alert.
  • Deep sedation – this dosage is administered to put the patient under while surgery is performed. The patient may be waked through stimulation.
  • General anesthesia – Like deep sedation, the level is used to induce sleep. However, the patient will have to sleep off the medication before waking as stimulation won’t wake a person under general anesthesia.

Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?
It all sounds great and all, but am I a candidate for sedation dentistry? You could be, and most people are, but your medical history and current health will be critical in determining if you can be safely sedated for a dental procedure.Here are some other things that will factor into your candidacy for sedation dentistry:

  • The level of discomfort associated with the procedure you need
  • The ability to go without food or drink before the procedure
  • Your current medication and possible interactions

The Next Steps
Whether you’re intrigued by sedation dentistry for anxiety relief or to just stay relaxed and cozy for a very long procedure, your dentist will ultimately choose the most acceptable sedation method following a consultation.

Talk to a local dentist about sedation dentistry in San Carlos CA. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.