Restore Your Smile in Time for the Holidays Redwood City, CA

Restore Your Smile in Time for the Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you will want to smile big and proud for all family pictures. You do not want to remember this year as the one you had a big gap in your smile, and that is why many people in San Carlos and Redwood City turn to dental implants. An implant is a high-quality tooth replacement where the “root” is firmly inserted into the jawbone. It looks and feels completely natural, and you will continue to benefit from it far past the end of the year.

An Implant Behaves Like a Natural Tooth

Since an implant eventually fuses with the jawbone, it is held firmly in place. You do not have to worry about it slipping out of place, meaning you can eat Christmas dinner with peace of mind. Having a missing tooth means you cannot eat certain foods, such as tougher meats like prime rib and steak. An implant also allows you to speak normally, meaning you can tell your friends and family members about everything you have accomplished this year without worrying about how you sound.

An Implant Prevents Jawbone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the jawbone begins to deteriorate because it no longer receives stimulation from the bite pressure. In fact, you can lose up to 25 percent of the jawbone density in that area within the first year. Other restorations do not replace the actual root of the tooth, so they do nothing to prevent jawbone loss. Dental implants are the only option for ensuring your jawbone remains resilient, so you can continue to take holiday pictures confidently.

An Implant Is Available Here

Dr. Ghina Morad will walk you through the implant process step-by-step to replace missing teeth within a few months. Contact our practice in San Carlos, CA to schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate. This holiday season can be the best one yet with a new tooth in your mouth.