Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help with That! Redwood City, CA

Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help with That!

Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help with That!

You have options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. You should speak with Dr. Ghina Morad about whether dental crowns or bridges can assist you. However, most patients will want to hear about the advantages of dental implants.

The dental implant itself is surgically placed in the jawbone where, after a few visits and time, it fuses to the tissue. A crown goes on top, and once the procedure is over, you are ready to go out and enjoy your new smile.

Improved Appearance

Implants and crowns will resemble your natural teeth. The crown will be specially designed to match the shade of the surrounding teeth, so it will not stand out in the slightest. You can enjoy a better smile for decades because implants come with a 95% success rate. With proper maintenance, you will be able to retain your restoration for the rest of your life.

Improved Oral Health

Implants do not require alterations of any surrounding teeth. Additionally, since the implant provides stimulation to the jawbone, that bone tissue remains intact. Without a tooth root, the jawbone tissue in that area of the mouth has no reason to exist. Therefore, the body will resorb it, and the jawbone will shrink. Over time, this becomes noticeable in the face. Since implants replace the roots, the jawbone remains resilient, and you can retain a more youthful appearance.

Improved Self-Esteem

A gap in the smile can seriously impact your self-esteem. Some people refuse to smile because they do not want others to be aware of the gap. Refusing to smile or laugh in public can take a serious toll on a person’s self-image. Everyone deserves to smile wide, and dental implants can help with that.

Visit a Great Dentist

You should contact the office of Ghina Morad, DMD as soon as you lose a tooth. We will go over all of your options so that your oral health can get back on track.

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