Dental Fillings and Why They Are Needed Redwood City, CA

Dental Fillings and Why They Are Needed

The most effective forms of cavity restoration are dental fillings. Dental fillings are tooth restoration treatments designed to eradicate the decay caused by a cavity and fill in the hole in your tooth enamel to stop the cavity from progressing. Additionally, it is important to protect your tooth from additional cavities from occurring in the future.

Dental fillings are often needed depending on your specific oral health care needs. Listed below are some common examples:

– For large cavities, dental amalgams tend to work best, and for smaller cavities, dental composites are the better choice.

– If you are looking for a natural-looking filling, composites are the better choice. Dental composites can be color-matched to mimic the look of your teeth.

– Dental amalgams are a grouping of metals that work effectively but will result in a shiny metallic look.

– If a dental filling becomes broken, it may need to be restored or replaced. Amalgams will need to be removed and reapplied if damaged, but with composites, the original filling can be restored many times over without removing the original.

– Mercury is used to bind the metals together in dental amalgams. Due to its divisive nature, some would rather forgo the use of mercury, and instead, go with dental composites for their fillings, as composites are mercury-free.

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